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How to Transition your Home into a Work Space

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

With Covid-19 ravaging our daily routines, we have all had to make sacrifices on behalf of public health and safety. With the shelter in place order most people have had to figure out the "new normal" from working from home. A client of mine recently shared her concerns in trying to transition to this functionality considering she lives in a one bedroom villa.

Finding a new balance and normalcy with our pied-à-terre home office space with desert mountain views. Time at home has brought a new awareness of working from home and lifestyle.

This small space however big on style was designed with two functions in mind – office by day for client presentations, create layouts and concepts for interior projects, or host family and friends by night. A main feature of our dual space is the gallery white walls to showcase collected art and our design projects of the moment.

The minimalist features are balanced by subtly patterned pillows, bold zebra ottoman, and lovely curated accessories. Natural light, metal + wood furniture, and creamy textured furnishings all chosen for its dual function and warmth becoming an important part of the “uniqueness” of the space.

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